Batman Sculpture


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Hi guys, I'm Alberto, I'm 20 and I love the cape crusader :) As a new member i would like to show some pics of my first try with this type of things. This is my personal vision of "our friend" Batman and i hope you'll appreciate my work

PS: sorry for my english :)

So here we go with the pics

hope you enjoy it


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Looks very nice...

Watch the symmetry, refine the edges and make it as perfect as possible and you'll have a very interesting take on the Batman theme ;)


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thank you for the comment, i tried to smooth the surface as much as possible, but the material i used was very difficult to work, it was paper clay, what material do you use for your sculptures? i was thinking about buying nps medium chavant, but in italy it's hard to find what i need, what do you suggest? Thank you again buddy :)