Batman Returns Color Penguin Birth Certificate Replica


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Howdy Folks:

For those desiring it, a high resolution color Penguin birth certificate replica scratch-built from a generic blank certificate sourced from an auction catalog, and modeled after the version appearing on

There's another, clearer reference source of the same document on Worthpoint (archived from an eBay auction claiming to have gotten the prop from a former studio employee along with a COA) I used to more closely match the paper foxing on the edges -- notably exhibiting a right flipper substantially different from the right flipper in batfan10's bleached variant in the Batman 89 and Returns thread (Batman 89 and Returns).

For those desiring a bleached doc to print to their own paper, batfan10 has you covered. For those that desire a "finished" color replica, you've come to the right costume party.

FYI -- for those using a generic blank to place themselves as a birth citizen of Gotham -- the typewriter font (letterforms, default leading and kerning are a 1:1 match) used is Courier.


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