Batman Returns 1992 Penguin Duck Tank 1/25 scale model


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Hey! For all Tim Burton Batman movie fans, I just completed this clay Penguin duck tank. Made of Super Sculpey Firm, and kit bashed some rubber tires from a McDonalds toy that were pretty screen accurate.

The duck is the only vehicle that has not been for sale and goes perfectly with my AMT Batwing, Batskiboat, and Joker car. I built the 1/25th diorama that has buildings from the 1989 and 1992 movies with the Flugelheim, Shreck's, and Axis Chemicals. ~ Jordan


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I SO love Anton Furst´s designs, thanks for sharing those pics! What about a wide shot of the whole diorama? Did you make a backdrop with a Gotham skyline?
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