Batman Original Classic Cowl/Helmet Resin. Tips?


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So, a little over a year ago I subscribed to the RFP to help make my first Batman Cowl. After I got to the mold/casting stage, I made the stupid mistake of sealing plaster to the eyes of my head base. Long story short, it was trashed, but I learned a lot.

Fast forward to now.

I am looking to make an original batman with a semi-classic, practical look. I'm drawing inspiration from TDKR and my own personal imagination, but ultimately I am going for a resin sculpt that can be fitted over the head, and clasped underneath the chin with an elastic strap. This way it gives it a slight armored look while maintaining a classic feel. Batman would be able to take a bullet to the head without having a complex mechanism like in Arkham Knight.

Any tips for going about this? I want to cast in resin ultimately (to give that armored look), but I never have done so before. If I make the gap for my head too narrow, will it be hard to shave off/cut away some of it to fit? Would latex be better? Any help appreciated.

Some concepts and progress attached. Look forward to some comments from you experts :3 Ignore the one where it is a full shouldered cowl. This is for a helmet/head only.

Thank you so much :)


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After you make the silicone mold of your sculpt,cast it in wax and try it on.if its two narrow shave and carve off as much as you want(not to much because wax is brittle)once it fits make a silicone mold of that and cast it in resin.or if your wax cast fits your head just make a resin cast out of the same silicone mold,hope this helps

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As for the resin,tell me what questions you have about it and i can help
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