Want to Buy Batman non-latex suit, preferably TDK or Arkham Origins or Arkham Knight


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Thank you for welcoming me into this amazing group of talent! First off, I'm sorry this is long, but I'm not sure where to start, so....... last year I bought a DK latex suit with the intentions of A) Being Batman for Halloween forever and B) Becoming a Batman volunteer visitor to the many Children's Hospital campuses in the Denver area. My children have all been frequent visitors to Children's Hospital, and I know how I felt being there for hours on end, and also how special it was when a character came to visit. Because of the proximity to the Aurora theater shooting, and because the Children's Hospital treated four of the victims (they're a level 1 trauma ER), Batman was banned from the hospital. I was in contact with the volunteer office about this and was told they would re-visit the concept this year. They did, and now Batman is allowed to come and visit with kiddos. I was super excited, I bought some DK batarangs, some plastic toy batarangs (which I spray painted to look "cool") to give to the kids, a new utility belt, some powerful magnets to hold the batarangs on the belt, Batman stationary to make letters to kids. I went to the hospital two weeks ago to meet with the office and fill out paper work. This is when I hit the snag that my suit is 100% latex, and the Children's Hospital campuses are all latex-free. Super devastated. But I began searching online, I found Gotham City FX, which at first was more than willing to help me with information about the suit, but now has not responded to my emails. So, the search continues, I have some feelers out there to a few friends of friends that work in prop work, but when I found this community, I signed up immediately to get input. Currently, I'm raising funds with a gofundme campaign (I'm not Bruce Wayne money wise) and have a small amount of success so far. But with Gotham City FX not responding to me, I'm looking elsewhere to acquire a suit. The most important part to me is that is looks great to kids and parents (because parents remember how cool things look too, I know I do when my kids see someone "famous"), and that it's latex free. In a perfect world, I would want an Arkham Knight Batsuit, but I also really liked the Arkham Origins, and was also a fan of TDK suit. I'm definitely not as talented as some of you creators (some of you guys' work is really incredible) so I will be looking to purchase a suit of this nature. I'm not looking to make any money with this project, this will be strictly volunteer. I want to thank any and all of you who took time to read this, I hope to hear back from someone(s) soon! Thank you again!