Batman Mech Suite Foam Build

SMP Designs

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Another tip for foam, after lots of experience, is to always have a sharp blade and use a straight edge. Starting with a perfect cut will save tons of fixing time later. The first time you feel drag, change the blade. And you will go through a lot of them.

For fixing and filling seams during the coating process, I use flexible caulk. ElastoPatch, I think is one brand from DAP that’s available at most hardware stores. It’s not sandable, but easy to smooth with your finger and some warm water.

Happy building! :)


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Quick test fit of the upper body. One Shin and two boots and I am done!

I am making my own Grenade Launcher from DOJ out of PVC and foam. Its all cut out and ready to be glued together. Once I am done with the suit and launcher I will build the Kryptonite Spear.