Batman latex cape questions


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This weekend I'll be attempting my first latex/fabric cape, and before I do, I have a few questions to those "in the know"...

I read in the cape archives that the original '89 cape was made from wool backed latex, but that only the outer two panels were latexed on both sides. Now, does that mean that the latex didn't soak through the wool, as I believe you can see in some spread cape shots? Now, I do not have the ability (nor desire) to replicate the process that the original filmmakers used to make the capes, but rather am planning on laying the sewn cape down and rolling the latex onto the top. Would this method cause the latex to soak through to the opposite side?*

What is the best, or rather most "tried and true" fabric to use? I found a beautiful wool that is a deep, rich black and seemingly 1mm thick, but it's $24.99/yard (on sale for 30% off, but still!) Is there anything a bit more economical to use? I would prefer to use wool, as I've used it before to make a Superman cape and it flows wonderfully. Any suggestions?*

I'm sorry for the flood of questions, but I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks!*


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Lay it on the ground and roll the latex on. The latex won't soak through, for the panels you want you can just turn the cape over and latex the other side when the first side is dry.

Depending on your suit you can add texture in various ways or keep it smoother for the returns and forever capes.


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Will merely rolling the latex onto the wool create the texture, or do I need to do something further to the latex in order to get that "bat wing" appearance?


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I was thinking of using this pattern
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