'Batman Forever' Two-Face Life-Sized Bust


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A translucent resin (colormatch 325) sculpture of Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face sporting actual production-made make-up appliances:

01 - yERAVPk.jpg13 - VuhdDl6.jpg11 - AryFJes.jpg12 - 71EHXwW.jpg14 - BLZtF2P.jpg

I got these unused "stunt" make-up appliances from a recent Rick Baker/ Prop store auction. I like the "Last resort" written on the eye bag piece:

02 - PAaklGF.jpg

My WED clay sculpture of Tommy Lee Jones. His left ear was sculpted in a way to better support the foam rubber make-up pieces:

03 - SbyiSgH.jpgIMG_2925.jpg

I molded the clay sculpture in rebound 25 and cast it in translucent skin tone resin.

04 - 8533gi6.jpg

Painting begins! And the eyes have been dremeled out and replaced with 'Tech-optics' acrylic eyes:

05 - tXRqynA.jpg

The make-up appliances are glued down to the sculpture.

06 - VRaQQtT.jpg

Paint matching!

07 - YCxwuah.jpg

Crepe hair was glued down for the head and eyebrows.

08 - rKaaDi0.jpg

Custom clothes made from cheap Goodwill suits, fabric from JoAnns and hand painted leopard prints. Surprisingly, the hot-pink zebra print was the easiest fabric to find.

09 - 2vsxBYu.jpg

Finished Project

10 - BIAL4z9.jpg

On the Left: a sculpture I made at 23.On the right: a mask I made when I was 7:

15 - FIFPfg8.jpg

Loved this movie as a kid :)