Batman Forever; Robin masks.


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Has anybody ever made a replica of Robin's mask? I've looked around and have never seen anybody perfect it. I've always had an interest in the simple secret identity eye masks but nobody ever seems to make them. Why?
This is where I'm at right now. Matching up the right side to the left. Then the hard part is that R at the very top. Should be fun.


Man, the costume designer for that movie really had a thing for nipples, didn't they? :lol

All jokes aside, I would love to see a good cast of that mask made. It's so very cool, what with the bat motif and all.
Thanks guys :) I've always been a fan of the Robin costumes from those 2 movies.

Clinton, its one of Bob D's Bale heads. I got a flawed copy cheap from David Mosher JUST before the real casts of Bale became available lol only wanted it to sculpt a TDK cowl though which I'll do once this mask I'd done.

Predator, if someone wants a copy, I don't mind casting extras :)

I hadn't even seen there was a link there haha yeah thats from Batman and Robin. Great suits, bad movie LOL That Robin mask will be next :)

If all else fails, there's always Sharpie. ;)


This is still an on going project, dont know if there is much demand but I like this design and will be happy to have made a replica for the collection.

Will hopefully get the sculpt finished this weekend (As long as the new Zelda game doesnt distract me too much :lol)
Still tinkering with it, decided I like one side more than the other so I'm reworking one half to match. Seeing as theres some interest, I'll throw a thread up in the JY when its done. I've got the molding materials here ready to go :)

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