BATMAN Flashpoint costume (Thomas Wayne) work in progress


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hi,this is my first attemp to make a good batman flashpoint, i fabric the cape, the belt, the logo and the fake muscles. 13199_637648753024675_5670033619891066318_n.jpg 10533452_568108363312048_6490206350913297429_n.jpg 10474179_636195949836622_3039631833914084156_n.jpg 10447056_637649089691308_5760982915954623569_n.jpg 10419381_663056727150544_101006369201050006_n.jpg 1907935_641169539339263_1039459758558440113_n.jpg 10945718_641169546005929_1101989933024474324_n.jpg 10906109_641169536005930_7280675943466424381_n.jpg 10670062_577599129029638_242101510672189238_n.jpg 10312732_662677843855099_6070312822525135163_n.jpg 11050641_662121670577383_7676763912896004152_n.jpg 11062330_662677837188433_105168950722620527_n.jpg


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Few items missing like leg gun holsters and such. Not sure if the reevz Hush cowl works for this suit but over all I really like it.
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