Batman fans - Can you identify all 25 symbols?


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While surfing Google images I stumbled across this pic showing some of the changes that the Batman logo has gone through:


Question is, which comic/cartoon/movie is each from? I couldn't find anything on the net that gives the answer for this pic, so I'm throwing this out as a challenge to the RPF! I think I could probably get about 3 or 4! :lol

For ease of answers I've numbered each one:


And here....we....go.....

(I don't know if these are right or wrong, I'm just recording what's said!)
Some have more than one answer that's been put forward.

2 Batman Forever/Batman and Robin
3 Jim Lee (Hush)
5 Frank Miller's Dark Knight/Frank Miller (Year one)/Dark Knight Returns/Batman the new animated series
6 Batman Begins chest symbol
7 Batman Beyond
9 Batman Forever/Batman and Robin
10 Adam West Batman
14 Batman Beyond/Batwoman
15 Batman Forever/Batman and Robin
17 Arkham Asylum logo (not chest)
18 Batman Begins movie poster (not chest)
19 Alex Ross/Batwoman/Year One/Ed McGuiness/Batman: Dead End
21 Michael Keaton/Tim Burton "Batman" poster (not chest)
22 Arkham City logo (not chest)
23 Batman Forever/Batman and Robin
24 Batman: The Animated Series (WB era)/Justice League
25 Batman Forever/Batman and Robin
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5. Frank Miller's Dark Knight
7. Batman Beyond
10. Adam West Batman
18. Christian Bale
21. Michael Keaton

...I think. That is a lot harder than I thought. :lol
18. nolan
19. batman beyond
21. burton

weird, I don't see legends of the dark knight or Nightfall. wish I had more time to get into this!
Now I want a Batarang of all of them. Thanks Alot ! :angry

I think 2,9,15,23 and 25 are from the abortions, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.

3. Jim Lee (Hush)
5. Frank Miller (Year one)
7. Batman Beyond
10. Adam West
18. Christian Bale
21. Standard Batman logo used in the 80's (was on the Batman movie poster, not Batman himself)

2 and 9 are virtually Identical with 15 and 23 not far behind - one of them is probably Batman and Robin (movie)
Year One was Mazzucchelli. 5. is Dark Knight Returns, which was published first. That one I know. Made a license plate for my black Oldsmobile Starfire GT that year. :lol
But Miller wrote Year one, so it's not completely wrong. Either way, I'd say it's still Year One's Bat.

Miller's Dark Knight

But Miller wrote Year one, so it's not completely wrong.

I'm not saying you're wrong, man. People see what they want to see. I'm just pointing out Miller drew one first and then had another artist draw the second. If you want to campaign for Year One, knock yourself out. It's just David Mazzucchelli, not Frank Miller, on images.

As a publisher, I'm sort of contractually obligated to giving artists their due. :lol

Me, I'd say #11 is more Y1, but, hey!
6 Looks to be the symbol from the Batman Begins suit. 17 and/or 22 look to be Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. 24 Is from the WB era of Batman: The Animated Series and the Justice League followups.

19 is also NOT Batman Beyond, people are misreading the numbers. 7 and 14 are Batman Beyond and/or Batwoman.

The problem is a lot of these are the same "design" with minor tweaks so I'd wager there's some doubling rather than them all being distinctly different artist work.
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