Batman Eye Makeup

call me crazy, but I used alcohol makeup for my Harley Quinn mask. it does not go away... and it hurts like a bi*** to remove it.. but it works.. and does not fade away :)
Ben Nye theatrical black make up is what you are looking for. Its what I use and its awesome. Just make sure you also get some sort of make up remover otherwise you will be washing it off for a little while. hope this helps.
I heard grease paint works well, Theatre quality so it doesn't run, this is just what I've heard rumbling around the web...
Just use a black cream or grease makeup and powder it to get rid of the shine. They even have black color powders to get a really deep, matte black look. Do NOT use regular paint around your eyes... Alcohol makeup around the eyes isn't the best idea but it's just a matter of discomfort and will work but you have to be REALLY careful to keep it out of the eyes...
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