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Ok Guys,

I've been sitting on lots of unfinished costume work for years now which is a shame... I have not got to finish a lot of stuff but whats more upsetting is that it's just sitting on my hard drive after 1000's of hours of work gone into it.. So i'd rather release it for others benefit and in the case of this cape would like to see someone finish it off.

I'm not sure if someones else has accomplished the cape with a good accuracy or not as I have not been up to scratch with other members progress but here's what i was up to back in 2016.

From the pictures of the originals costumes released online, there was enough data there of the cape with all of it being covered from various pictures that I patched together in photoshop. From this I knew I could reproduced a 3D model from a height map and then from 3D printed models i could make a reverse Stamp.... I twas a very big and ambitious job because of the size but i knew it was doable.

Stuff like cutting up the STL sections into printable sections (200mmx200) made it hard but i did manage to do it around 2017... Printing like 20+ PLA prints, joining them with tape and then sticking them to a piece of MDF board. I left the finished mold outside though and life took over, So it got ruined. Pictures of them all constructed are somewhere than i've not been able to find yet but hopefully they turn up.

The final plan was to make a large Clay stamp by pressing in the 3D printer pattern into the flat clay, then make a final latex or plaster mold, ready for the black latex pulls.

The cape appeared to be repeated sections so that one section was all that was needed. So if anyone wants to reproduce the cape in really high accuracy.... you can use my work for you en devours... Just make sure to post anything you make in this thread as i would love to see it! If you need some help in trying to accomplish what i nearly did, just ask away and i try help out out..



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