Batman Desert Storm For Pepakura


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Hi everyone, after a long time waiting I finally got the Batman Desert Storm 3D Model. I contacted Faraz Mobin and heard back from him pretty quickly. So on this I'll also be sharing progress with him.
I got the model this morning and opened it up to take a look at the detail and I must admit this is the most perfect model for pepakura I have ever seen. So starting this Monday I will start breaking down the model and even though I said I would'nt do unfolding anymore. I'm going to do this.

PM Me for the Password if you need it to modify or rescale the pepakura model pieces, I am scaling the files to fit for a 6 foot person.

Since I'm tired of answering PM's for the password, here it is.
All Files One Link, Will be updated with finished files over time. Also included in the ZIP is a High Poly Cowl for Shapeways or CNC Milling. That is scaled to about 18 in. High.
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Gordon Gekko

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Right on! I've been hoping you would be able to get this.

Will you be able to share the pep files?

Looking forward to your progress.


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Yes I'll be sharing the pep files. They will unfortunatly have a password on them which I will share with people via Pm when I release the files, and this is the only site they will be on unless I decide to put them on any other sites.


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Ok Houston we have a problem. I went to import the file into my Milkshape 3D program, and unfortunatly it's only got one group for the body. It's not set up like other files I've worked on that I can break up into sections, I have the file in a OBJ and a MAX file. If anyone can help with the break down send me a PM.


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Hello I have always wanted to do this costume, but I could not make pep files since I'm new here, you could send me a copy


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Pepmaster - If you need any help separating the sections and unfolding. I would be glad to give you a hand. This armor is awesome! Just want to say thanks to you for the find and a very big thanks to Faraz Mobin for creating and releasing this awesome file!


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OMG That's AWESOME NEWS!!!!! This has been the Holy Grail of Batman armor since I first came across it years ago.

I echo the huge thanks to Faraz for sharing and PepMaster for making this happen.


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Thanks guys, and I've also let Faraz know about this thread so maybe we'll be lucky and he'll chime in on the thread. Right now I have the Chest Plate file halfway done. I find it amazing this thread was only started this morning and it's recieved about 300 views already.


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LOVE it. This will probably be one of my main projects in 2012. I need to get me a TDK cowl from Kev and Clinton soon!


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That's one of the parts that won't be made of this will be the cowl. It looks just like a standard cowl. Just a different color. The other parts will be the boots and gloves.
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