Batman :Dead End cowl


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about a year ago I sculpted my 1st cowl ....and because at the time there really wasn't many DE cowls floating around out there, I went with that version as my sculpt choice...and seeing as how is was my 1st time doing a cowl, I made TONS of mistakes...I made the neck waaay too thin, primed the finished cowl in high gloss crystal clear instead of flat black, so the cowls came out a nasty glossy sheen...and I cut the silicone mold up the back which created a really clutzy looking when I pulled the cowl from the mold, I had this glossy, seamed too tight for my head crappy cowl....

so I went back, and fixed a resin hardcopy that I cast

Before fix:

adding to the neck and head and making sure that I use all of my know how that I did with my other Batman cowl that I did a few months ago

after fix:

..and here's my 1st flat black, seamless and great fitting, soft urethane cowl....



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That's the first fan-made Dead-End cowl I've seen that actually captures the predatory appearance of the original. Beautiful work. Hope you offer those for sale.

Jango Wes

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That is VERY nice. I'm not a big fan of the latex Batman cowls, but THAT one is sweet. :D :thumbsup



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I like yours better than the "Batman Begins" version (don't like short ears on my Bats) -- great job.