batman/darth vader metamorphosis


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Let me start by saying thank God i never spent more than 25 dollars on this darth vader voice changer mask, I`ve completely ripped this poor mask apart! I`ve cut it in half, stretched it 2 inches apart, forced the half closer to my face, bolted a back tail, and drilled everywhere. Now I`ve started the first stage of remolding the helment. I loved malmey studios version had to try once myself...please comments welcome. Before everything is set in stone I want to try and cast in a few weeks...:sick


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Have a look at Jeremey's Darth Knight elsewhere on the board - the full effect is really cool if a bit eccentric =0)


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This looks great lol!! I never would have thought a costume we did would inspire something like this!! LMAO!
Your doing a great job on this. If ur molding please let me know. Id like one :)
Great Work Bro!!


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Thanks, unfortunately I had to put the project on the side for a while, but I will cast it once I complete it. I'm thinking of putting white eye covers in, maybe it will give it that old seventy's look, that I like so much. :confused
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