Batman Custom Cosplay Idea... Give me your opinions! :)


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image.jpg So currently I just sketched out my cosplay for 2016's comic con since I can't go this year. :( anyways I was hoping if you guys could give me your opinions on which logo I should choose for my suit. I'm going classic spandex but with some modern armor pieces here and there so I would love to get some feedback and see which one looks best to you guys because I can't decide hope to share some pics of it when it's done


Symbol number 1 reminds me of pokemon :) It rocks.
The 2nd one gives off more of a modern Batman vibe to it for me. Also great!


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Symbol #1. I prefer emblems where it looks as though the bat is reaching. #2 looks like his heart just isn't in it.


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Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback :) i might end up using symbol one. Also i just received my spandex suit so time to begin working my butt off:unsure ill post some pics on my progress soon!!


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I think it'd look quite cook to see the first emblem with the head & interior curve of the second--I would say absolutely the first, but the lack of definition in the head takes away a bit from the iconic "THE BAT-MAN" feel, if you understand what I mean?