Batman Credit Card


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Does anybody have a Hi Res Image of the batman credit card? Im getting a custom bank card and I want that as my image on the card. Thanks for any help :lol


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A Batman credit card would be super-awesome. I made a crappy Arkham Asylum ID badge to cover my work badge for a day. I still wear it!


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Awesome Credit Card, Kerner! Thanks so much! I just watched the move a couple of days ago, and thought about trying to make one.


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This is not really a prop from the movie, but in the 60s they did use to have a real Batman Credit Card (you could use it to buy stuff and everything lol). Didn't really catch on that much, and a lot blank cards are floating around today. I recreated the front card, haven't done the back yet (I've got on of the cards lol).
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