Batman cowl vendors


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Hey everyone. Just wondering who all the different vendors are that sell Batman cowls. I know of Tigerstone FX (which aren't taking orders right now), and HernandezFX. Are there any other good ones that make quality pieces? I'm not looking for any particular design, as I am putting together my own "concept art" batsuit. Thanks!


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Hi Reznor9,
I had a few questions about your arkham Origins build.
It is my first build and first post here.
Is there a way to direct message on here?
thank you

Mr Mold Maker

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does anyone know ASDivision? came across them on Facebook, man they are building beautiful stuff...

Personally, from what I've seen, I feel like he bites off more than he can chew, rushes through orders and is not careful with his packing. I frequently see bent ear tips, warped cowls with inconsistent thicknesses.. For my money? Until he gets a better footing? I'd stick to Tiger Stone, Reevz, and Gauntlet/Hernandez. I'll will say this about ASD, he is always doing work to improve accuracy of "his" files. In my opinion that beats those who just print files or remold production pieces and call them "theirs" with no credit to those actually responsible for the work. :angel
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