Batman cowl options (non-movie)?


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I was wandering what cowls have been made (ones NOT from the major movies)?

I'm thinking Dead End, Arkham Asylum (computer game), Hush, etc.

I know a few have been created by members here.

Does anyone have any pics showing the different ones available, saying which version it is? I'm really interested to see the differences.

(I know that there's a Batman costume thread already, but I want to focus on just the cowl, and identify which comic, etc each is from)
WAY too many for me to put up a simple list with pics right now.

Here are a few people...

BatTexan has done some including Jim Lee, Neil Adams, and Batgirl versions
inferno & Mr. X has also put out an Adams and an Arkham Asylum
reevz has done MANY different non-movie versions, his Hush is one of my favorites
Hudson82 did some including an Alex Ross version which is AWESOME!
DAVIDYR1 did a very cool "Ultimate" version years ago

Check out The Brotherhood of the Bat and The Cave, both at for many more...
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Since Darius was nice enough to mention my cowls, I'll share some pix.

Jim Lee:

Neal Adams:

My first Batgirl:

Batgirl, Elseworld's Finest:

Darius is right, there are way too many to list easily. Check out those forums he mentioned, especially the BOTB. Just about any cowl you can think of is probably there somewhere.
I love my Hudson82 Alex Ross style cowl. It's surface is smooth and flawless. It's comfortable to wear and durable. The ears and cowl in general have held it's shape through many days of trooping at cons, hospital visits and indoor/outdoor events. It's even held up to a pretty good hit from an "accidental" Harley Quinn hammer blow.
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