Batman Cowl Molding question


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I have just finished a really in depth sculpt of Batman from the upcoming Arkham Knight game. It turned out awesome BUT now I have gotten somewhat painted in a corner. I sharpened his ears and now, looking at him, the points of those ears are air bubble central. Id like to do the ears as separate pieces but that would involve more work in getting them off and then smoothed out just to put them back on. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

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If it's going to be the typical silicone mold with urethane copies what you can do is slice out little air channels from the very tip to the outside of the mold. It is used very commonly in knife molds for example, when we have a very fine thin point. Just take a scalpel and cut a very tiny fine groove out that air can escape from. If your mold doesn't allow you to get in there I've found a 10 gauge piercing needle works really well for punching out the air channel as well. Just be careful as they are very sharp.

Cut off the flashing and you're good to go.

Removing the ears won't really help, and will just give you trouble later down the road IMO.


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I just use a really fine paint brush (as in water colour/oil painting, not chip) and when I pour in the first layer of rubber and the ears are filled, gently push the non bristled end of the brush in to the ear to push the air out. It's worked every time.


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He is done in Plastiline. Im going to post him in his own thread as well.

Batman front.jpg

Batman Profile.jpg

Batman Three quarter.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

I have no idea how to rotate the pics and I dont know why they are landscaped
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