Batman: Code of the Knight


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Hi everybody!

I am new to the rpf but am pretty familiar with some users here. I'm not sure if this is the wrong place to post, but I just thought I'd share a Batman short film that I recently completed. I filmed the majority of it as a freshman in college and finished it up a 1.5 years later! I'd love to know what you all think, goods and bads (hopefully constructive), and hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it!

Batman: Code of the Knight - YouTube

I worked with some very talented artists from BOTB & The Dented Helmet boards :)

Very well done. My only critiques mirror what was posted on the Youtube link...costume, and fight scenes needed a little more umph. Thanks for sharing here, looking forward to more.
I thought this was really well done. The shot towards the beginning when Batman was standing on the roof looked amazing. I really like the costume. But at times I think the editing of the fight scenes made it a little hard to follow along. Other than that, awesome job. I hope you do some more!
Thanks guys!

Perhaps the coolest facet of the suit was the gauntlets, they were fully functional and the fins could flip out with a snap of the wrist.



if you ever did want to pursue a spring-assisted mechanism for "popping" the fins out of a pair of gauntlets, it is a bit of a challenge- but it's doable. I worked with a craftsman who built fully-operational gauntlets for my fan film and he did a fantastic job. I'll break down the way mine works, tho its not the only method to achieve the effect



On the underside of the plate, the fins were fixed with a spring (seen below) along a thin pole and were held (down) in place by a metal lock that inserts into the back fin. We wrapped a long chain around my actor's middle finger and attached the end to the gold loop. when he tilted his fist down/forward the chain would pull the gold lever (via spring seen above) releasing the tiny metal insert, letting the top spring unleash its energy.


Needless to say, its a bit dangerous (especially if made from a sturdy material or metal). I had him make me "closed" plastic inserts separate for choreographed sequences as I didn't want to risk injury by accidentally triggering the spring upon impact. probably wouldn't have been able to get a permit otherwise- safety first! :thumbsup

my actor did stab me a few times on set tho, forgetting he had 'sharp things on his arms' :rolleyes
I liked it. Only criticisms are the same as MooCriket's. Costume could use a little more work. Better fight choreography. Oh, and Batman needs to shave.
thanks brosephs :D

if you enjoyed my Batman fan-film, please check out my next (even bigger!) superhero project - we could use all of the support we can get!

I'll say what everyone else wont.... It's horrid. The costume is god awful.. the writing is almost as bad... The choreography...... well... it's not there. The music is balls.. I've heard better on an SNES. So Batman operates in broad daylight 50% of the time now? Who is the villain and why do I care?? So batman visits graves... in costume... and doesn't want anyone to know who he is?!?!? This is the worst fan film I've ever seen.... I'm sorry but I don't sugar coat anything... This sucks the big one. You asked for an opinion and you got it... It's terrible.
Wow... re-reading my post from last night..... It's harsh. I'm sorry for being so direct, blunt and over all mean sounding. It's just my worthless 2 cents and I stand behind my opinion. No matter how harsh it may be.
I have to agree with Smurf on a lot of this....Kudos for doing a fan film, but i can't help but feel Batman has become irrelevant......

....all it seems to be with a lot of these films is posing and symbolism.....these days, who'd be scared of a guy in a Bat costume...a guy who doesn't kill.....

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