Batman Beyond [Gunhead A.KA. Orhadar Print] Complete


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10904012_1563058717267904_6243222941346164436_o.jpg 10926777_1563058713934571_5225434160576043100_o.jpg 10498372_1563058680601241_3473638112134107663_o.jpg 10922701_10205914112435426_7299237639107582340_n.jpg 10259759_10205914112635431_1202290139635873689_n.jpg 10942329_10205914113835461_768757331824971538_n.jpg 10377024_10205914110835386_1454264933936044179_n.jpg 10931316_10205914111195395_5375224301164248920_n.jpg 10403431_10205914111395400_2136487199076898464_n.jpg 10931256_10205914111715408_1372438249778363726_n.jpg 10915197_10205914112115418_4913823978567457697_n.jpg 10395816_10205914114235471_8120165445484922886_n.jpg

What do you guys think?

The Belt, and gauntlets were created by TheFoamCave. I modified the colors a bit to make them standout a bit more along with the print.
The Cowl is an Arkham Origins cowl created by Kevin LeProps Curly. He did an amazing job with the sculpt and it matches perfectly with the suit.

I sewed the suit myself, and the wingspan was also created by me. Batarang was also my doing. Had a rough time getting precise coloring, but I am redoing a new one.
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