Batman Begins Scarecrow mask-


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Friend approached me about a Scarecrow mask. He was looking to buy one but wanted one custom made so we could add a few surprises to it. Seeing as how we are doing a large Arkham group for Halloween, I was pretty pumped to jump on this project.

So here is the idea...


He also wanted to get the cheekbones seen here



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So, we started with a life cast of this head.


I then started playing with the clay.


I wanted some cheek bones and wider and large eye sockets. The reason for this will be explained later.



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I then got busy with the twine and leather needle.


I like the twine stitches, but the mouth bothered me. Time to take that out.


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I redid the mouth, moving it up and making it larger and the stitches more irregular.

I also added burlap and fringe around the eyes where I cut the mask to make it look more natural and less "jack skellington"

Added a curve to the bridge of the nose to give it more dimension.



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Okay- I got a pretty good base going. I won't need to make a second.

Need to do some light paint work, but I love the overall color so I need to keep it light.

Need to figure out how it will close and how to pad the inside so it sits right on the client. It needs to come on and off with easy so drinking can occur.

We got a surprise cooking for the eyes, but I am not going to get so that for a few weeks. Need to wrap up costumes needed for mid ohio.


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Very nice build! It's been a couple years, but what was the surprise for the eyes? I'm making a similar mask am trying to get some inspiration. Thanks!
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