Batman Begins scarecrow mask most accurate?


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Id like to know if anyone has come across an accurate scarecrow BB mask?, i have been looking everywhere for one and cannot seem to find one. any help would be appreciated.

- - - Updated - - - This is the only one i have found, but while it is very good im looking for something a little more draped to the face like the screen used. 2.jpg


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I used to own one of his Scarecrow masks, but sold it a few years back. It was very nice. Unfortunately I don’t believe I have a way to contact him anymore.

Mr Mold Maker

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The Etsy listing is by a member here PoopaPapaPalps
I have a piece from him and can tell you first hand he is a stand up guy delivering great quality pieces. You can’t go wrong picking up the mask from him.

As mentioned above, avoid Tyler Hasslet. Dude has been scamming people since at least 2010.
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I also recommend Mr Mold Maker for any and all of your painting needs! I know he's my go to guy when I have something to trade for his services.:p

As far as the draping goes, the photos that circulate of it on display are on a mannequin head smaller than the mask itself. When it's worn on Cillian Murphy, it's nowhere near as elongated.


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That looks awesome can we have a worn shot? I did find one I quite liked it was made by a guy called Whitechapel effects but he's out of business. Now I see this in hand I think this is better. Will definitely purchase.


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Been trying to get a whitechapel for years, I like some of the Etsy ones, but the burlap can be real thin on some, even reviews saying they don’t wear it because they’re afraid the buckle will rip off


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