Batman BEGINS New Chest Sculpt


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This is going to be my second crack at this suit. It's something I'm workign on in my spare time so there is no rush here. It's a work in progress so some details are just roughed in like the outer traced lines and such.

As happy as I was with my first one, water clay scuplt...quite a challenge there and working on a life cast that was simply too small to get the overall effect that the begins suit really conveys on screen, I decided to try it again.

This time I'm working with Oil based clay, Chavant NSP and on a life cast that allows for better proportions. My first one had tiny shoulders and a very short neck and cod area. Also the details were very deep and much to square.

Hoping to make it more subtle and accurately proportioned this time round. Also sorry for the BW pics but it looks like it's easier to see the details this way.





Got Maul

Official Licensee
I like it man . I especially noticed that the shoulders are a lot smaller than the other batman Suits you have done- that's a good thing IMO
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