Done / Completed Batman Begins costume kits


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I am finally at a point of being able to take on new orders of the Batman Begins suit. Both full suits and individual components. But full suits will be on a limited basis so I don't get bogged down. No more than 2 clients at a time. With a 6-8 week turnaround time.

Here is a breakdown of pricing with pics and explanations to follow:
Torso and spine - $600
Legs and knees- $450
Calves and forearms - $150
Gauntlets and gloves - $350
Cowl - $250
Belt - $300
Cape and clips- $450

Can do a package deal of all of the above for $2400. Plus shipping.

Little history on the parts - many of which have screen lineage. The cowl originates from a high quality 3d scan of a studio master. Then printed in 2 different sizes. For regular and large heads. I went through the effort and expense to have the master scanned. Unfortunately my file has ended up in the hands of others without my authority and they have also created replicas. Hard lesson for me to learn. Cowls are cast in flexible urethane rubber.

The torso was built around another studio piece. It was a chest piece given to cast and crew on wrap. Included just the bat, pecs and small amount of the neck and shoulders. The rest was built using 3d modelling, printing and scratch building techniques. Torso, spine, legs and knees cast in flexible urethane rubber and backed with 2 part foam.

Cape clips are cast from a production set.

Gauntlets started from my screen used League of Shadows set. Ornate pattern was removed, 3d scanned, 3d printed. Are cast in stiff 80 shore urethane and include neoprene gloves.

Belt is cast from a production stunt belt. Painstakingly restored. Original was in rough shape. Consider our version to fall somewhere in between a hero and stunt. The links are cast continuously in one length of rubber. Buckle and accessories are cast in resin. Everything is painted to match and glued and screwed together.

Capes are made of electrostatically flocked parachute silk to the same specs of Bale's hero cape pattern. It is enormous and impossibly black.

This is shipped in kit form and up to you to put together in order to ensure proper fit to your body type. It is made for someone athletic and Bale sized but I've seen people from all sides of the spectrum make it work. You will need to supply an under suit, boots and glue. I can help with tips. Maybe others may want to post their own in this thread.

Onto the pics. Let me know if you want to see something specific.



I can't recommend this highly enough! I received my order minus the cape the other day and the quality is amazing, everything is amazing. Don't be on the fence about this, if your a begins fan you need to own this. Looking forward to hearing how other members put this together and hints and tips! Thanks again Kevin! A1!



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I'm the one thats fully suited up in the pic above. This suit is amazing everyone! If you want the best, then go with this bad boy!


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Thanks, guys. When I have time I'd like to make a tutorial on how to put one of these together. It's not difficult but I think many people find it daunting.


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Hope to have the legs mounted up by the end of this weekend :) They are a little trickier than the torso.


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This suit is magnificent! One of these days I will make the jump so I can give my TDK suit a rest. Just absolutely beautiful! Also, nice working getting it mounted Greg.


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That does look awesome !!!!,i have an old inferno V3 torso that's still waiting to be mounted after about 2 years:(,love your work Greg and your gear is top notch Kevin :)


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Couple more pics from gregday

IMG_2618.JPG IMG_2617.JPG

I have a slightly flawed torso ready to go right now and an un-used large cowl. Contact me for details.
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I am in the process of mounting a suit for a client. Will be able to provide this service now for those not wanting to do it themselves.
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