Batman Begins Batmobile @ Hobbylink

Smiling Demon

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I was browsing the Hobby Link Japan store today and found the Batman Begins Batmobile. It's a Bandai kit and is a 1:35 scale but it looks pretty detailed. Does anyone have any information about another source for this Batmobile?
I was hoping for something a little bigger like 1\24 or 1\25 scale. That way it would be in about the same scale as the others I have.

Here is a link to the Batmobile.



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I recently read about a limited licenced version of it.

Does anybody have some more info about it?

Thanks a lot


Smiling Demon

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When I first saw the new Batmobile I thought "What the HELL is that..."

Now I just love the thing.
After seeing it in the movie is is my favorite car..

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