Batman Begins 3D printed cowl


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Had this gem delivered to me this morning! Hope my calculations were right and I got it printed so it will fit my head. Well after the print lines are bodyshopped, it's molded, and a rubber casting is pulled, of course. ;)




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That looks very detailed.
3D printing has come a long way since the last time I looked at it.

What material is the master made out of?



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Very cool -- did you do that in Zbrush?

Nope. ;)

Thanks to Bimmer for helping prep it for 3d printing. :thumbsup

I got it printed locally. Not sure what the material is. Translucent abs maybe?? I would have to double check with them.
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So Clinton was so excited to work on the print that he put quite a few hours over the weekend and today. The challenge with these prints is they charge you by amount of material used. So one way to keep the costs under control is to print it thin enough so it holds it's shape but doesn't break in transit to you.

First step is to back it for durability. The material is also slightly flexible so this helps with rigidity also. Adding braces so it keeps it's shape is also important. Perhaps most important.

After all that it's filler, sand, prime, filler, sand, prime, filler, sand, prime. :wink Luckily he's been doing this so many years that it's become second nature. He still had his work cut out for him though. The 3D model itself had symmetry issues and flaws. Hollywood is less than perfect. :wink So those of course get printed too. But I'm happy to say they're all gone. :D







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Thanks buddy couldn't have done this without ya.
Next few days for molding. :cool It and the WM will be molded at the same time, make a day of it.


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This is amazing! I hope you offer a resin version as well, I'd love one of those.
Will you be making the other versions, 89 Batman perhaps ;)


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What is 3d printing? This looks amazing! Do you sell the ironman helmets I see in the backround?

Thanks, great work!
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