batman arkham orgins eva foam suit build

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by thudson4, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. thudson4

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    this is my first build in foam and im definetly not an expert i would like to take the time to say that because any advice you have for me is would be appritiated IMG_0771.JPG

    this is where i am so far my main problem is i can get that nice curve shape on the abb plates
  2. Grimwood

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    I think those seams may cause you some problems. Have you tried a heat gun?
  3. 305primus

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    I would recommend a dremel with a sanding bit for making curves and a heat gun for shaping the pieces trust me it will do a lot, like the pecs for example, take a heat gun to the back of the piece and then press it against your chest, but you look to have the shape right

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  4. thudson4

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    Thx I have a Drexel and a heat gun just time to use it thx for the suggestion almost done with the other half post pics tonight
  5. PhantomEvoX

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    Are you doing it all as on piece?

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