Batman Arkham Knight Game Posters.

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    I seen these in-game and thought they look pretty spiffy ,as a DC fan I naturally took interest. Anyone know if there is some files from the devs or maybe a remake of these images?

    Here's some screenshots from in-game -
    (whole wall of random posters from the diner)

    (some very nice game related posters. Wouldn't mind a set of those)

    (pretty cool lighthouse sign that I've never seen in previous games)

    Soder Cola prop? (for the crazy drink collectors) ;)
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    There are a lot of great posters, newspapers, etc., that would be great to make. Here's a few I've grabbed.

    11222590_10207505090365957_6081687757995267226_o.jpg 11228055_10207308463770415_4312977053864471299_o.jpg 11754466_10207308490851092_8825507507368072733_o.jpg 11807404_10207308484970945_8479543287157322966_o.jpg 11934487_10207505077325631_3931757230836442154_o.jpg 11935137_10207505085445834_4812552295022319786_o.jpg 11947938_10207505079485685_4450706388938877120_o.jpg 11953402_10207505088845919_8452249084563710000_o.jpg

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