Batman Arkham City style costume {WIP}


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Hello everyone! I'm making a Batman Arkham City costume for my schools homecoming spirit week (the theme is superheros) because I am in student council and I helped choose the theme. I wanted to do a batman costume based on arkham city and some of the comics because I am on a budget and making one of the more armored batman costumes (like Nolan's batman, and Arkham Knights batsuit) will take more time and money. I was hoping for some more experienced costume makers/cosplayers to give me some tips. I'm thinking to modify a dark grey under armor shirt and tights by adding the extra stitching and bat symbol, buy a cowl online, make the utility belt from scratch, use a black bedsheet for the cape, and make the gauntlets out of eva foam. I'll keep updating this thread as I make progress. Any thoughts?