Batman Arkham City: Henchmen


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The unsung Antagonists of the Batman Arkham City are the Joker's Henchmen. Everyone wants to be the Head Clown or as bad as the Bat, but I tell you being a henchmen is where it's at. Comfortable cloths, fitness program and flexible hours.



However, there is a factor of working in a hostel work environment.





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I have wanted to compose a how to on this costume to get others to join in. I did this for Mega Con in 2011 and I have learned a lot since then. Here is a list of how to get this done. I will post what pictures I have at a later date as well as helpful videos.

How to make this costume.

Boots - Combat boots, all black and any style will do. Don't lace them all the way up to the top. Leave the top 2 holes without lacing since they where them a more causal style.

Shirt - wanted to get the Arkham Asylam logo on a tank top, but never got around to it. A simple Hanes tank top under shirt from your local Wal-mart/Target will do nicely. What ever color works and you can distress it as you see fit. A time or two with it on in the yard will do nicely :lol

Hand/Fist wraps - Learned my lesson here and I will not be using athletic tape. >.< I would use boxing hand wraps. I didn't use these before because they were not long enough and the black labels they have on the ends.

I have in mind to user a combination of a fabric sleeve airbrushed with a wrap pattern on it then the hand wraps over it to help give it a faux look, look great in photos and feel comfortable all day.

Pants - This is the major part of the costume that really brings everything together. I used a pair of Dickies, Rinsed Brown color, because they matched in color and they where tough.

The leather I got from Tandy Leather. I hand sewed all of it to the knees and the straps around the legs. Made the belt, used black clips I got from some straps from Goodwill.

In retrospect I wish I would have bought a hide of 4 to 6 oz of leather at least for the leg straps, dyed it and then put them on.

The brackets\buckles for the legs I got out of a parachute magazine. Lead to some old Airborne stories from my Father after that package came in :thumbsup I would have like to fabricate those out of some thick abs or aluminum, but I just didn't have the resources to do that.

Face - To be a Henchmen for Mr. J you have to put your best face on. This part is the exclamation on all your hard work. Loads of tutorial on youtube on how to do this. I used Ben Nye because it lasted all day and it works. Took me a hour to get the make up on and even more practice to get it right.

Weapons - Do I really need to break this one down for you?


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The cool thing about an Arkham City henchman costume is its quite versatile too since once you've got a basic costume you can customise it to show which villain's gang you're a part of. I like how in the game there's some henchmen in more than one gang whose costumes incorporate elements of both gangs.
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