Batman Arkham City Costume pic


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I tried to put together an Arkham suit using the Batman Supreme grey suit I have. I tried to detail the suit and drew on it to mimic the Arkham suit. I made gauntlets and shin armor from foam, latex parts, etc. used my TDK belt because I ran out of time. Got one of Shawn's Arkham cowls (What a thing of beauty!). Man, I just love that cowl. Fits my 24 inch skull like a glove and is so comfortable. I know, I know, might look better with a real cloth grey suit instead of the rubies but what the heck, I had the suit, gave it a shot. Was only put together for the midnight release and a costume contest to try and win a copy of the game.


Funny, the seems on the biceps are drawn on to mimic seems on Arkham game costume.

Yeah, I did win the contest. Thanks.

Looks great! Did you somehow attach the shoulders to the chest piece?
Every time I see the Rubies costume it looks weird because of that seperation.
Best work I've seen with that costume!
Thanks for positive comments.

Dave, I did glue the shoulders to the chest. I used a latex fabric reinforcement underneath because the shoulders love to pull away from the chest if you just glue shoulders to the chest with no underneath flexible reinforcement. I never thought that the suit was that bad and I picked it up for $150 some years back so it was well worth it. i would never spend $500 for one now though.

What makes the costume though is Reevz666 Arkham cowl. So sweet!

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