Batman and Damian Wayne Cosplay


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My brother and I want to cosplay as Damian Wayne Robin and Batman for our next convention and we're just hoping for some reference photos to help us along. This will also show our progress of making the costumes. Thanks in advance.


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Are you going for Bruce Batman or Dick Batman?

This is one of my favorite shots of Damian

And I personally prefer the way Greg Capullo draws the New52 version of Bruce's Batsuit and there's some pretty good references if you google "New 52 Capullo Batman"


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I'm going for a mixture of the Dark Knight Returns Batman and the New 52 Capullo Batman. That picture is actually the reason we decided to go as Batman and Robin.
The cowl from Dark Knight Returns cowl is the look I'm going for and the black underpants look, but the rest the Capullo Batman.
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