Batman 89 Speargun *COMPLETE*


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This is so awesome! Where the heck was this 2.5 years ago when I started mine!?!? ... In all seriousness, it's so good to see this prop have its moment at auction. Coincidentally, late into my project I was able to get some pictures and measurements of THIS speargun by the previous owner. It's what finally allowed me to proceed with an overall size I was confident in.

Also, this IS a Returns gun, but most details seem accurate. But some things to note. This has an actual retractable line. So the main barrel does not rotate and the space above the main barrel is almost closed.

AND, the big thick hockey puck "Hub" on the handle side clearly contains the retracting mechanism (requiring the larger size of that hub.) The Hero spearguns had a thinner hub like mine.
I think there was only one "Hero" for Returns since all the original props stayed in England after Batman filmed, and that one is it. The working Hero never made it on screen in Batman or Returns. This one was the close up gun from the belt. Technically making it the "hero" Returns gun, since the other was never in the equation.

If only they didn't remove the dart.


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Also, I think I can share now that I was given access to photos and measurement of THIS speargun by the prior owner. It was this speargun that finally gave me definitive over all size as well as several key details.
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