Batman 89 Speargun and Attachments Kit

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Included in this kit will be all the pieces to build one Speargun and spear:
• Twelve 3-D printed pieces for the gun and spear
• Lasercut aluminum side panel
• Lasercut brass spear fins
• Rare-earth magnets on center post to allow the gun to separate like in the film
• Metallic cord for for the reel
• Brass insert for the main barrel
• Stainless Steel spear rod
• All the hardware you need to build it
• Solid brass, highly polished spearhead
• 3-piece Bolo Attachment, including magnetic attachment and metallic cord.
• 3-piece Tranquilizer Dart Attachment, including magnetic attachment.

My team set out to identify details that brings this speargun closer to the screen-used spearguns. We were able to gain access to exclusive imagery and measurements of some of the screen-used guns now in private collector's hands. There are details on this gun that no replica has captured correctly, and we're pretty proud of that!

When assembled, this gun is loaded with functionality. The gun separates into two pieces like in the film via a central post and rare-earth magnets. The little reel can be spun by hand, the handle flips open and closed, the trigger is spring loaded, and the cylinders can be rotated.

While this is an unpainted and unassembled kit, I have gone to great lengths to make this a simple process for you. This kit is 3-D printed with durable SLA Resin. The pieces are sharp, smooth, highly detailed and require almost zero finish work before paint. Several parts will be laser cut aluminum and brass and all the screws and hardware is included. I also include a highly-detailed, easy to follow instruction booklet with step-by-step instructions and painting tips.

Includes US Shipping ONLY

IMG_4142.jpg IMG_4144.jpg IMG_4143.jpg IMG_3990.jpg

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