Batman 89 Speargun and Attachment Kits

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I'm planning a run of my Batman 89 Speargun kits in the coming months. Below are some details on the options I’m providing. The kit is unfinished as shown. The pictures of the painted guns are just for reference. Finishing is available for an additional price.

To secure your place in this run you should:
1) Email me at with what specifically you would like to order.
2) Send a downpayment of $100 to secure your place in this run, OR pay in full to save time in the order process.

Payment should be made via PayPal to

** I am only doing a small run of 20 kits, so don’t miss out if you want one.**


What makes the Valor Replicas 89 Speargun so special?

Over 10 months or research. I worked tirelessly to explore every facet of this prop, starting with every image I could find online and countless screen grabs from the film. With the help of some generous volunteers I gained access to photos of production-made spearguns that are in private collections.

As with many movie props, there was not a single speargun. My goal was to create a replica based on what I consider to be the “hero” prop. I cannot say this speargun is perfect. I’ve never held a screen-used gun in my hands. But I believe we have created something very unique and special, and I hope you appreciate the effort.

And, we are now selling replicas of the three “Attachments” designing to be used with the 89 Speargun in the film. Some of these were seen on screen, some were only seen in pre-production photos. None have been produced as a set like this.



Unfinished Kit: $300
Assembled & Painted: $400


This kit will be 3-D printed in durable SLA White Resin. The pieces are sharp, smooth, highly detailed and require almost zero finish work before paint. Several parts will be laser cut aluminum or brass, and all the screws and hardware are included. I also include a detailed instruction booklet with step-by-step instructions and painting tips.

When assembled, this gun is loaded with functionality. The gun separates into two pieces like in the film via a central post and rare-earth magnets. The little reel can be spun by hand, the handle flips open and closed, the trigger is spring loaded, and the cylinders can be rotated.

Included in this kit are all the pieces to build one Speargun and spear:
• Twelve 3-D printed pieces for the gun and spear
• Lasercut aluminum side panel
• Lasercut brass spear fins
• Solid brass, highly polished spearhead
• Brass insert for the main barrel
• Stainless Steel spear rod
• Rare-earth magnets on center post to allow the gun to separate like in the film
• All the hardware you need to build it



Unfinished Kit: $200
Assembled and Painted: $300

This includes parts to make THREE exciting attachments to the Speargun designed for the film. These pieces have never been produced for another replica and snap on to the Speargun base completing the set. All include magnetic attachment to connect to the base gun.

Bolo Attachment – Seen in the final rooftop scene capturing Joker’s let – includes removable bolos, metallic cord.
Tranquilizer Dart Attachment – Seen in pre-production photos and in the costume vault door – including removable clip and darts.
Cathedral Grapple Attachment - Seen in the final rooftop scene saving Bats and Vicki – This is a non-folding static piece.



Prices includes shipping in the continental US. International shipping will be extra and calculated at time of sale.

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3) roncarretti
4) terranceamiro
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