batman 89 car


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This body shell was about a few years ago its for a TotRod kids car but is 9 feet long
the original seller sold it as well as the mould. anyone know who bought it?

89car.jpg carback.jpg

Got plans to build a road legal scaled down garage friendly car and with a cut and stretch this shell
would bump the project along......
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I found an old ebay listing from the UK for the molds, but it doesn't look like it sold at that time. Around the same time was an auction form AZ for a body. Again, doesn't look like it sold at the time. On, someone purchased a body to do something along the lines of what you're talking, but no progress photos.


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For reference, a full sized car is garage friendly. From tip to tip, it's just under 20 feet.

That said, your project looks like a really fun one! Would be really cool to see a mini me batmobile driving around! Best of luck with your build!


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Here in the UK 20 feet is the average small build new house from front to back and the garages
you struggle to fit a Mini Cooper in and get out the doors.......LoL...

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I spoke to the person here in the UK who sold the mold ...he had no idea who bought it...........
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