Batman 1989 Vault weapons display

5/8” collar nuts and threaded rod arrived. They are slightly large, but I think with my scale this is as close as I’ll get. The bolts are nylon and will ultimately not stick out so much. Overall though, this is the look. Rod arrived in 12" segments, so I'm cutting it down into smaller pieces. Some of it will thread into the plates.

Holders for the hinges should arrive tomorrow and the plates within the next 2 weeks.


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Hinge cradles are installed. I believe accurately, the cradles go right to the edge of the door, with the hinge cylinders themselves slightly going past, with the bevel extending over the edge.

But in my case, the bottom of the door itself will likely be sitting on the floor, even slightly tilted back. So I don’t want any extra pressure on the bottom hinge, I am installing it just a bit high so that when the door is sitting at 90°, the bottom hinge doesn’t touch the ground.

The top hinge will be placed very slightly higher. The difference will be imperceptible from every angle except right here on my horizontal workbench.

I’ll be continuing to refine the nuts & bolts over the next few weeks while waiting on the hinges and mounting plates to arrive.


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