Limited Run Batman 1989 Keaton body armor/muscles with screen lineage


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How is this coming?

Was pretty slow for a bit. Problem was every time we sanded we broke through into fibreglass. So required lots of extra filling we did not expect. But made significant progress last week especially and expect to mold in the next week to 10 days. Will post pics next week.


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I'd Iove to get in on this. I think I'll be too big though. Any chance someone that's 5'8" and 195 lbs with a 42" chest and 34" waist could fit in the 89 suit? I know Keaton wasn't exactly hitting the weights back then.


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Very interested in a full suit and cowl/emblem Kev however I would also be interested in having the armour glued down to a latexed Undersuit. I know it's still early days but if this would end up being an additional option, what kind of pricing would we be looking at in total as I'd be willing to put a deposit down for this straight away.

Also as a lifetime 89 and Returns fan, this really is great to see finally coming together after all these years. Thank you for taking the time out to restore all of this. Now only the dream of seeing this happen with a screen lineage Returns suit remains...


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Almost there. Thought this would be a straightforward restoration but very thin gel coat in a lot of places made for lots rework. Anyway, should be molding end of the month.

IMG_3812.JPG IMG_3813.JPG IMG_3814.JPG


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Same here. If I can ever save enough I would like to buy the entire suit. It's a hard ship because the cowl was difficult for me to buy, I finally did and I am looking forward to receiving it. :)

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