Batgirl Cowl Sculpt, Elseworld's Finest


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This was a commission I took on several months ago---lucky for me she wasn't in a big hurry! Life kept getting in the way, but I finally finished the sculpt.

First, for those not familiar with the EF version of Batgirl, here's a couple of shots from the comic and the action figure:



And here's the finished sculpt of the cowl (sorry for the crappy cell pix, my wife is out of town and has our camera):



This cowl is designed to be in 2 pieces, like the Dark Knight cowl---the neck piece will use a velcro closure in the back. The lady I made it for has a very long neck, hence the long neck, but it'll be easy enough to trim it down for women with shorter necks (like my wife, who is getting one of these). I'm also thinking the face openings could be trimmed more like traditional Batgirl cowls, and it would be easy enough to add a hair hole in the back.

Hope to get this thing molded in the next week or so, with the first pull coming shortly after that.
Ok, sign me up, I want one. Seriously. This is going to be absolutely awesome and I really like the design of this particular Batgirl suit. Looking forward to seeing more.
Won't be much longer now---pulled the cowl today. Still need to dremel the seams some more and a few other things. Should be able to post some pix in the next day or so.
Finally finished the first pull! This is an intentionally thin pull, more just to give me a cowl to figure out the neck closure and to experiment with. The regular pulls will be thicker and hold their shape better (the thinness of the cowl is why the back looks a little wrinkly)---but for a thin one, it's not too bad:




I plan to take some pix with my wife wearing it, as soon as she's available and I can talk her into it.
Thanks guys! I'm hoping to get this on my wife for some pix soon . . .

Wolf, I agree about thinner cowls. I generally like a little thinner cowl for the comfort, and I think comic based cowls look better thinner, but this one's borderline. It almost doesn't hold it's shape, but spraying it with Plasti-Dip helped stiffen it a bit. Next one should be a bit thicker.

Uther, I'm making all of these out of black tinted latex, sprayed with Plasti-Dip.
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