Batfan08's 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Entry: KATO


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Usually I sculpt but with time and such, I am going for something a bit more simple.

I have a Kato mask made from one used in the show but it's too big and for the contest I wanted to add something I made myself. So, I am making a new mask.

I 1/2 made one that can sorta be a demo run (using the same method) but that mask was too small. So, I picked up a new one to modify.

The rest of the costume will consist of items bought from the store and across the internet.

-Chef coat
- Boots
-Dress Shirt
- Boots
- gloves
-Home made Hornet dart (if I have time to make)
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Awesome, very clever, using a black face mask! Looking forward to seeing more, huge Green Hornet fan!


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Thank you :) I hope to get everything done (including getting gloves) and taking photos before this hurricane hits!

Got the jacket (not fully buttoned here lol) :D

Also got the mask done! :) The best part is that it almost fits perfectly!

with my other kato mask

With the hat
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