Basic 3D modelling program reccomendation? Small item to print

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by kwalsh0000, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Hey all!

    A bit of nostalgia hit me and I decided I want to 3d print some ships from an old game I used to play years ago but step 1 is what program to use?

    I have no clue about which program is the best and I have never done anything 3D modelling (closest I have gotten is Photoshop and Illustrator) related but it will be a good way to learn and practice.

    As you can see they are simple designs
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    I'd go with 123D Design or maybe Sketchup. Both are free and suitably basic. If you want something more advanced then Blender is pretty feature rich but there's quite a learning curve.
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    That is perfect, thanks Krats!
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    Heh. Off the subject a little, but I think that actually might be an Escape Velocity ship. That was a fun shareware game for the Mac (eventually ported to PC) that was extensively modded despite having to edit resource forks in order to do so. In any case, many people built their ships -- in-game thumbnails and sprites -- with a program I believe was called Mechanisto. This was a COMMAND LINE 3d modeler.

    Literally. You'd work out on graph paper (or if you were really good, in your head) how to combine various primitive shapes and their exact dimensions and positions, hit the "render" button and four hours later see if you had figured out al the numbers correctly...or more likely, find yourself with a ship where the fins were floating twenty feet to starboard off the hull.

    Uphill in the snow. Both ways.
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    I use FreeCAD. It is cross-platform and allows you to export to STL that you can send right to your printer.

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