Baseball Pads For Armor


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I was at a thrift store yesterday and found some baseball catchers pads large for my legs and small child's that fit on my arm has anyone' ever used these for armor plates the resemble some of mr blacks pads from the predators movie and if anyone else has I'd love some pointers or any advice I'll post pics of my progress I'm sandblasting and primering them today
yeah they can work and people have used them. my advice though is to alter them a bit so you can't tell they are equipment. if you only slap on paint, it's still pretty obvious they are catchers guards. add some foamies, or bondo to change the shape a little.

my 2cents
yea man im deff gonna gear em up a little bit prob make blad like edges and some techno texture on them for sure
im kinda stuck too on if i wanna cut them up and connect them seperatly or leave them intact the pads lay over each other unlike most baseball pads
so they already have a armor/reptillian look to them
I used hockey shins and put foamies on them another method I have seen, is covering them in great stuff foam and carving the detail out that you want. If you look for mcguyver's build he also used catcher shin pads and covered them with expanding foam and they came out awesome.
Here is a pic of Big Evil and me.
I use my mountain bike shin to hold up my shins for the time being, not my first choice to be sure.
Big Evil modified his slightly by adding stuff.

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