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Howdy Folks:

Submitted for your approval and subsequent consumption -- is a small image of a woman on the beach, arm raised to block the sun, framed and hanging on the wall of a decaying hotel room currently occupied by one Barton Fink. To produce this image, I built on a primary DVD screen capture of the painting in close up by: first, rebuilding corners cropped by the octagonal framing; second, separating the image into shapes and layers in order to sharpen edges without producing the tell-tale halos Photoshop's sharpen filters tend to create when overused; then compositing fine water, foam, fabric and sand textures lost to film grain and motion blur -- all taking care to preserve the "tourist art" appearance of something clipped from a calendar/advertisement, framed and hung on the wall. To compensate for the dim viewing conditions, I've brightened the image to how I suspect the picture might appear when viewed in bright daylight. Also bearing in mind the picture is also faded with age, I've kept the colors somewhat subdued -- desaturated.

It's possible I'm the only one desiring this photo hanging above my computer on my office wall; however, I'm sharing this with you on the off chance I'm not. The image dimensions are 10 x 8.5 @ 200p. I promise I checked the paper forum for Barton Fink before I posted, so if I've duplicated somebody's post or stepped on someone's toes, I apologize. Otherwise, if you dig what I've done, put it to good use!


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Took my shot on the picture (with my own screencap): added the corners not visible by the frame, then run it through Topaz Photo AI to enhance it and finally color correct it. Here's the result:
Hotel Photo Good.png

The size is close to an A3 format and should print at 360 x 296 mm.

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