Bartemius Crouch, Jr., his wand, any replicas out there?


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Just wondering if anyone out there has made a Barty (David Tenant) wand.
Also, if anyone has any Hi-Res screen grabs of it or any information about it they would be willing to share.


Got to get started on those Christmas gift items, and this is a good cross over item for a little HP and DW fan I know.......

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I don't think he was ever shown with his own wand. At the World Cup he used Potter's, and throughout the school year he used the little stubby one he nicked off Moody.
According to the book, the characters on the scene when Winky is found with the wand decide that it must've fallen out of Harry's pocket when he, Hermione and the younger Weasleys fled from the tents into the woods. I don't think anyone ever finds out for sure how it left Harry's possession and came to Barty Jr.'s hand.
At my daughters book fair they had a Harry Potter Poster book for sale and one of the posters was Barty Crouch Jr. and he was holding in the picture, which was very large and clear, was the Snake and White Skeleton Deatheater Wand, which kind of puzzled me because I always wondered what wand he used as well.

I think I found a good clear picture of it. Kinda different from most other wands:


:D Kidding! Officially it's unlisted what his wand was, I think. The HP wiki has no info on it--it was probably destroyed when he went into azkaban, and he just used stolen wands after that, so none of his own.
That's definitely not the death eater skull wand in THAT picture. He was using a generic wand or one they made for him. With any luck The Noble Collection will release it in their next batch of new wands.
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