Barry Windsor Smith fans?

Darius Alucard

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I never really knew him until I read the Weapon X story he did for the "origin" of Wolverine, and Solar: Man of the Atom.

Anybody here wish he'd been able to continue with the Storyteller series?

I wasn't able to read all of the Storyteller series, but I was able to read the short Freebooters series. That alone prompted me to search for all of what was published and want for more.

I saw Larry's comment on the series printed in the collection I read so I know he liked it, but I'm curious to see if there are any other fans out there and discuss the series and others that they might recommend...
I've only ever read Weapon X, which I still consider to be the only "real" origin story for the character, and to hell with all that stuff they retconned later.
I really admire Windsor Smith's '70s work - especially the big art prints - but have never been able to track down much of it. Would love to get hold of his '70s Conan.
The backstory the future story the side story. The Marvel Universe as a whole is one giant retcon. But my least favorite and most confusing is the Weapon X timeline. The original BWS story and artwork was phenominal. It's gritty and felt real. The Wolverine Origins could even touch what I felt when I read through those pages. Sorry Hugh. :p
I liked wolverine origins. Loved weapon x. The end was crap. I stopped buy books over a year ago. I used to love x- men and spider man. Hated what quesada did to spidy. I heard wolvie went to hell in a recent issue. That sounds pretty stupid
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