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Hi guys,
Just returned to the RPF after being off for over a year, so forgive me, I'm still getting used to the new site:rolleyes

After a string of successful Doctor Who prop replica projects over the years, I've decided to move into a world unknown and mysterious to me - costumes.
I'm starting with something very simple, a David Tennant 10th Doctor Suit using completely internet-bought items. As this is just a test really, I'm not too bothered about accuracy, as long as I know the costume is on the right track, I'll be happy:).

I have a couple of Tennant coats knocking around, one custom made by a friend, one Abbyshot, but the coat I am using for this will be a TSSY faux suede coat I bought on the internet earlier this year (pictures coming soon, I'm not completely happy with this and so it is being modified by a tailor).
I have been looking at different options for the suit. I don't want to shoot over-budget on this one, and so like the idea of a Baron's Boutique suit.
I've seen a few threads on these, and they all look pretty good, but I've never seen decent pictures of the blue suit (and the pictures on the site aren't really much help in context, if you know what I mean). So, I'm starting off this thread this a request, really - is there anyone on here who can post up some good pictures of a BB Blue Tennant suit (the brown too, if anyone has got one in the current fabric)?

Out of interest, what sort of fabric is BB using at the moment, is it the printed-pinstripe variant or the woven-pinstripe variant?

I look forward to getting to know you all (or getting re-aquainted, in some cases):)
Nice box in your avatar!

Honestly, not to shill for magnoli, but for my money, it's absolutely worth the extra to get his brown cotton fabric. It looks great, and hangs in just the right way, the way the seam at the shoulder has that almost "puffy" effect, like this:


Well worth the investment IMHO.
Nice box in your avatar!

Hehe, thanks:).
That was the main reason I left the RPF, actually, pretty much all my other prop-builds stopped in their tracks, so I thought it better to move over to TARDIS Builders. Finished now, so I can get onto some other stuff!

I'd really love a Magnoli, but at the moment, what with going on holiday in a couple of days, and a pretty costly Dalek build going on at the same time as this, I just can't afford it. I was hoping to upgrade my coat sometime in the future, the TSSY one is surprisingly good, but by no means perfect. Perhaps I will look at upgrading the suit then too...:rolleyes
In the interests of picking up this hanging thread, here's the eventual result of this project :).
I changed tack to the blue suit further down the line, had the fabric printed by Spoonflower and sent it to Baron Boutique for tailoring. Pretty happy with the way it came out, the tailoring is very nice, and the fabric has a good solid colour. My mistake here was making the fabric too light, the pinstripes are indeed rust-coloured as doesn't show up brilliantly on the photographs, but the blue is closer to a deep sky blue rather than the darker blue I was looking for. Ah well, I can live with it and often times people perceive the blue suit as being lighter than it actually was.
I apologise about the bad quality of the pictures, I've now discovered the pain of trying to accurately represent the colour and the pinstripes on camera! The colour is perhaps closest in the final pic inside the coat. I'm currently working on a custom Tennant Coat, so once that's in I'll get some proper in-costume photos to give an idea of colour and presence.
Thank you for looking and I hope you approve! Blue1.JPG blue2.JPG


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