Baron Boutique 11th doctor overcoat

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So a few weeks ago I started talking to baron about getting the new overcoat that appears in tomorrow's episode of doctor who. Two weeks ago I pulled the trigger.

Fifteen minutes ago this arrived


Now for having few references I feel they did a mighty fine job, especially to get it to me in time for D*C. I will document it fully soon but I'm about to go to a party so only iPhone pics for now.

My only complaints without scrutinizing pictures are that the vent in back should be longer, and that the buttons are too shiny. It is a tad too long, but that's my fault for the bad measurement as I took it myself at 12:30 one night after getting the email that they were ready to proceed.

So I have an overcoat now...overcoats are cool
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Re: Baraon Boutique 11th doctor overcoat

Love the jacket but my only complaint would be is it is a liitle long on you. It should stop just above the knee but other than that it is awesome.
Re: Baraon Boutique 11th doctor overcoat

Thanks all.

@thorny: for the length, I screwed up the measuring. I got the email from baron that they had everything but the length at about midnight and I rushed to get it and in my tired state I screwed up.

I figure shortening is a lot easier than lengthening...I just will have to deal at dc.

As far as cost and availability. I can't be sure what it will be. In my talks baron revealed they are getting ready to update the site format, and that the new products will not be avaiable till then.

It sounded like two months at least.
The price was comparable to their other overcoats, but it could change so I don't want to put them in a corner.
Re: Baraon Boutique 11th doctor overcoat

looks good to me not a stitch Nazi like some:lol

do you think they will have it up soon on web page or by request for now?

humm want to much stuff right now:cry
Re: Baraon Boutique 11th doctor overcoat

Probably a few months on the page. You'd have to ask.

I'm really happy with it. Even with the faults, to get it to me in a short time frame with only a handful of small low res (until about five days ago) pictures, they did a fantastic job
Re: Baraon Boutique 11th doctor overcoat

I know they are changing page and price etc but surely you can give us the price you paid for it. Surely that not a secret is it??
Re: Baraon Boutique 11th doctor overcoat

Honestly they asked me what I felt was a fair price. I set the price I paid. Based on their other coats I offered 350. They accepted
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Re: Baraon Boutique 11th doctor overcoat

Looks awesome Kev. Hopefully I'll have a chance to see it in person at DC and get some pics.
Re: Baraon Boutique 11th doctor overcoat

What about as an overcoat? I've never ordered outerwear from Baron before -is it more on the "costume" end of things, or does it pass for a "real" greatcoat?
Re: Baraon Boutique 11th doctor overcoat

It's a real coat. It's definitely not costume quality. It's made very well.

I've talked to them recently and after the con they will be altering it for me to correct the vent length.
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